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Goldprint Logo Design

A personal Goldprint Logo Design is a special process. Our higher selves will bring through the code for your hearts mission to align you with your business’s highest timelines. Even if you don’t know what your mission is yet, but you want to make a difference on this planet and live in fullest Freedom; this is a beautiful service! Please see this service as an expansive energy transmission which will open and activate you deeply.

Your Goldprint Logo Design…

♦ Opens/Activates/Remembers the multidimensional options for your SoulWork here on Earth. 
♦ Creates a stable and safe container for you to explore the realms you want to work and be active in. 
♦ Is a 'psychic surgery' on the entity of your company which removes misalignment and only allows the highest frequencies. 
♦ Gives a continuous guidance from Source Consciousness Field so you will stay on track.
♦ Aligns / connects you with the Golden Age / New Earth frequencies. 
♦ Attracts the clients you wanna work with.

What do you receive in this service?

♦ Videocall before we start the process and when the handdrawn design is finished.
♦ Multidimensional Logo Code in Gold, Black and White. 
*Digitalized in different formats.
♦ 2 discussmoments for change after the first digital draft.
♦ Reading on audio with logo code explanation.
♦ Audio with a personally channeled SoundLanguage activation-prayer-meditation.
♦ Personalised Krystal Necklace (which is used during designing). 

What happens when you wish to receive a Goldprint Logo Design? 

We start with a videocall to get to know each other and align our hearts. Then we know if it is a "FULL YES" for both of us. When it's a Yes, the Goldprint Logo process will take 4-6 weeks before it's finalised. Till that time I 'carry' you in my energyfield and there will be an energetic exchange/cord till the code process is done.

I will keep you posted personally when I start the designing process. This is a special process because I open up my channel and align my heart with the highest 12 dimensional energies available in that moment for you and your business. I will light a candle, build a grid with (base 12 eternal life) codes, my own crystals and codes and the crystal I'll be using for you. Your crystal will be charged with all the energies and downloads that will come through during designing. I'll be knotting this into a necklace so this will be your personal talisman! It will keep on giving you information of the energies that came through during designing. All this information is stored in your crystal. 
Please note that I am NOT digitalizing your code. This service is a collaboration with Alana Starlight (instagram @alana_starlight), currently travelling the world who digitalizes your Goldprint Logo Code. Therefor this will cost extra time and makes it a little longer process untill it's finalized. 



Inclusive shippingcosts of design in NL. 

If you feel a Yes in your heart, please contact me through the contactform on the bottom of the homepage. We'll plan a videocall to align our hearts and get to know each other!
I'm looking forward to get to know you and your Heart's Mission!  

Please contact Charlotte through contactform on homepage

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