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Close your Eyes to See with Clarity

Third Eye Activation

Learn to See through the Eyes of the Creator


In the course of our lives most of us have learned to create according to an unconscious way of perceiving; one that is not aligned with our truth, but based on illusions. Behind our eyes and third eye are energetic layers of experiences (from this life or past lives), that influence our way of viewing the world and ourselves; supporting us in our selfchosen, and often unconscious ways of perceiving reality. However when we become aware of this, we can consciously change our Way of Perception. What do you wish to See in the World and yourself? 
This Third Eye Healing ~ Activation... 
  • Brings in 5d templates and activates your 5th (&higher) dimensional Lemurian Lightbody.
  • Gives healing on your third eye and cleanses the ocular channel.
  • Activates your pineal gland and dormand DNA on a deep(er) level, which activates deeper ancient wisdoms within for you to embody. 
  • Connects your heart, luminous field & pineal gland with the Heart of Lemuria and activates your authentic way of seeing. 
  • Activates and Remembers Lemuria’s Golden Age Wisdom for u to integrate, to use Now and in the upcoming New Golden Age.  
  • Gives deeper Focus & Clarity within the mind and emotions. 
  • Integrates lost soul parts from this life and others, and releases karmic patterns. 
  • Opens, deepens and activates your clairvoyancy; teaches you to see through the eyes of the Creator. 
  • Brings through a high vibrational field, which opens your pathway of multi-dimensionality. 
And much more that can only be experienced...
This activation is a deep Energetic Healing Transmission with the Lemurian Council of Light and Lemurian Crystals in the Lemurian Healing Chambers with spoken Universal Languages. Charlotte transmits the energy from the Heart of Lemuria, which opens your channel to receive clear guidance from Source and your Higher Self. 


£130 /  €144
Crystal Necklace + £50 / €55
Or choose a package with deeper guidance: 


This Activation can also be extended (in one-on-one contact) with a Hapé Ceremony for 44,- extra. 


 Crystal Necklace info 

For the Lemurian sessions Charlotte uses Lemurian Seeds or Lemurian Root (CodeKeepers of Freedom) Crystals. This crystals will be used during the session and knotted into a necklace with a colour cord of your choosing. These specific crystals contain an immense and huge amount of information about the Golden Age of Lemuria which will be activated during the session. Because the crystal is used during the session, it is loaded and activated with your personal energy codes and seeds of light. Therefore it provides very specific support for your path and is a very valuable addition to all these sessions. The necklace keeps on ‘feeding’ the layers within you that have been activated during the session. It helps you remember undiscovered layers and dimensions of consciousness in all directions of time & space. Thes raw high frequented crystals help to restore and awaken ancient knowledge & wisdom within your heart deeply.

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