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Sessions & Packages

All the sessions and packages can be booked as 1-on-1 or 'remote'. The remote sessions are created so you are able to receive the same energetic treatment as in a physical one-on-one session, wherever you are. Charlotte connects to your energetic signature via the 'web of life', the light scaffolding of our planet, and transmits the frequencies from heart to heart. Are you ready to open up to your Golden Heart? Before and after the session Charlotte will contact you via phone, videocall (zoom.us), messenger or whatsapp. 

Energy Boost (60 min) ~ Only Remote 

~ Short Inscension Session.
~ Multidimensional audio of the session for 15-20 min.
~ Short call before the session. 

Single Session (90 min) includes:

~ Full Inscension Session.
~ Multidimensional audio of the session for +/-30 min.
~ Videocall before and after the session with clear guidance to embody the energies. 

SoulBath (120 min) includes: 

~ Full Inscension Session.
~ Cardreading for clarifying your questions. 
~ Personalised Crystal Necklace. 
~ Multidimensional audio of the session for 30-40 min.
~ Videocall before and after the session with clear guidance to embody the energies. 



A package consist out of 3 or 6 sessions adjusted to you personal goals, needs and wishes. These packages are very transformative and life changing because Charlotte holds you in a safe container of commitment with honest and caring personal attention. (Online) Packages consist out of:

~ Sessions of +/- 100 min (sessions in a package are longer then a single session). 
~ Deep personal attention inclusive small readings and a lot of time to ask questions. 
~ Whatsapp guidance till your last session. 
~ 1 personalised crystal necklace.
~ Multidimensional audio from every session for 30-40 min*. 

*I do not record the sessions on audio if we personally meet in my practice in the Netherlands.  

Crystal Necklace

Charlotte chooses a crystal that is especially aligned with your Heart & energetic frequency so it fits your Ascension Path. The crystal will be used during the session and knotted into a necklace with a colour cord of your choosing. Because it is used during the session, the crystal is loaded and activated with your personal energy codes and seeds of light. Therefore it provides very specific support for your path and is a very valuable addition to all the sessions. The necklace keeps on ‘feeding’ the layers within you that have been activated during the session. It activates undiscovered layers and dimensions of consciousness in all directions of time & space. Charlotte mainly works with Lemurian and raw high frequented crystals to restore and awaken ancient knowledge & wisdom within the heart.



Energy Boost 60 min
Ascension Session 90 min
SoulBath 120 min
(includes a necklace and cardreading for deeper guidance)
 add personalised Crystal Necklace + €55,-



1 on 1 Guidance remote through Zoom ~ +/- 100 min sessions
3 x Sessions: €555,-
6 x Sessions: €999,-
I manage a 48 hour cancellation policy with full fees payable for no or late cancellation.
All fees are payable up front by bank transfer or paypal. 

Contact Charlotte HERE 


Because of Charlotte her loving guidance and power package, something awoken inside me which I am deeply grateful for: Love and Respect for myself. Being who I Am without judgements, just Be the Love and Positivity I am. I am striving to live like that every day from now on, and surround myself with people who love to live like that as well. I am happy and very thankful to have met Charlotte. Because of her I learned to Be who I truly Am and live according the love in my heart.