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The Resonance of Names and Numbers

Since I started to remember more of me, I’ve been receiving different kind of (sound) names. Everything we say or think, all the words and tones we express, create our reality. As so the name we carry. Our names and the numbers accordingly, show us our Life Path. These are connected to our Core Values and higher Levels of Self.
My Dutch name is Charlotte van Dijk, which is an 11. Aliyah is an 11, Charlotte Aliyah is a 5, as so my birthdate 1-6-1987. So my life evolves around a double 11 and 5 / 55. Numbers of transformation, mastery, independence, freedom and the Divine Feminine. Which is very funny and accurate, because I am a double Gemini (Sun & Rising). 

Because we are all remembering so much more of ourselves, this service can assist in bringing more clarity to your Life Purpose and Core Values. Our higherselves will also come up with a resonant (sound) name, when it’s time... Since I ‘changed’ my name in Charlotte Aliyah, I started to resonate from these core values and my path started to open up deeper. Aliyah means “Heavens, Ascending, Rising, Highborn, Sublime”. This name was firstly remembered and given to me by a Beloved Soulsister which I forgot. Months later I remembered her in meditation, when it was time to work with her frequency.
If you desire more clarity for your core values, your life or business changes or just need a transparent brainstorm.
This session is the one for you! 
This session will provide you with a written document that includes:  
♦ Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign 
♦ Your ruling elements 
♦ Your Life Path Number
♦ Your Birthname Number 
♦ A 'new' channeled Higher Self Name 
♦ The meaning and number of your new resonant name  
♦ A live channeling with what this all means for you and how this ties into your Life Path. 

We can also expand this service with a Goldprint Logo Design, which fully completes the birth of a new you!
Book these two services together and you'll receive a discount. 



1 hour Online Session through Zoom (only remote)
(This session takes me at least 1 to 1,5 hour to prepare) 
OR book your Free Choice Package for deeper guidance:
3 sessions of your choice + 1 personalized Crystal Necklace 
€699,- exclusive shippingcosts
OR combine your Logo Design + Names & Numbers
€1.188,- (instead of €1.222,-)
Exclusive shippingcosts
The following information is required for me to dive deeper into your Life Path : 
♦ Your Full Name at Birth (NOT your married name) 
♦ Your Date of Birth 
♦Your Time of Birth
♦ Your Place of Birth 
 ⇒ Please provide this information by remarks when booking your session.  

Book your session through contactform on homepage 

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