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Heart of Gi intention

Gi is an abbreviation for "Goldprint inscension and inbodiment". Yes INbodiment instead of EMbodiment and INscension instead of Ascension. Because I love wordplay and embodiment actually means being IN your body and FEELING all that you are. Not running away but staying awake, alive and conscious within! Ascension means to go up, going to a higher level of consciousness, rising into heavens.
While I've always felt that our path is WITHIN our Heart. 'Going within' is ascending to me! 
And this is what the Heart of Gi stands for. 
When I realised through a somatic embodiment practice that Goldprint inscension is 'Gi' in short, I immediately looked up what the word Gi meant.
So here we go.... Google says that:
In Korean Gi means “Rise, Brave, Stand up, Begin” 
In Japanese Gi means “Righteousness” 
A user from New Jersey, U.S. says the name Gi means "Gift of God ~ Gi'ft".
A submission from the United Kingdom says the name Gi means "A Star".
"Gi is a discreet and unusual woman who is surrounded by an aura of mystery" 
Gi also stands for Qi/Ki, which universally and globally means lifeforce and sexual energy. THE flowing source of energy that brings Life to All that is conscious. 
So ultimately Gi stands for being so Brave to Stand Up and Rise into the Best Version of You! (And therefor being in service to humanity and our planet). My path is bringing myself (and people who are open to it) deeper IN the Heart, the One Breathing Heart, connected to the Sun and Earth and far beyond. Therefor I named my Goldprint Mission the "Heart of Gi". 


Why Goldprint?  

Goldprint is another word for blueprint. Many years ago I had a conversation with a friend. We had such an enlightening conversation that I saw parts of my dna were turning into gold and beautiful glittering codes rose within my inner eye. I said: "Blueprint should actually be called Goldprint". In that moment I saw deeper layers of my encodings than ever before. There always is and has been an undistorted layer / version of you. You 'just' need to raise your frequency to a certain level to be able to innerstand and unlock your multidimensional gifts and go within. 
Your Goldprint is the undistorted intrinsic blueprint of your Eternal Self. Your self that is complete and whole, full of Love and Connected to GodSource all-ways. We can experience a disconnection from our original blueprint here, because we all went through the veils of forgetfulness when we signed up and chose to incarnate into this planetary system. Some of us thousands and thousanddssss years ago. In the Heart of Gi we refer to your blueprint as the ‘map’ you were born with this life for this timeline. Your Goldprint is your Eternal Blueprint, the undistorted multidimensional version of you you've always been, but temporarily forgot, here. Your blue and goldprint is more than unique, because only you lived your life with all your experiences... This is your innate power to share with the world! To rise into deeper layers of you, you need to be brave and have a lot of courage. You will face shadowlayers of yourself which are not easy to embrace and unify with the light, but necessary to find peace and balance within. You will remember in this process YOU ARE a Gi*ft of God: a Rising Star on and in our Blue Planet! 
The colour and frequency of Gold in itself symbolizes wisdom, wealth, magic, inspiration and activation of spiritual energy. It is the color of transformation and the "Golden Flame" also represents the eternal living flame within. Connected to our Sun and Great Central Sun and beyond.
So Goldprint inbodiment goes beyond just you... It’s a movement.
The Goldprint Movement is about being a Heartcentered HUman BEing with safe boundaries in Fullest Expression of Life itself! 
It’s to be brave and bold enough to rise into the best version of you!
Living by example, walk your talk, Be Truthful and Expressive.
We are the Rising and Brave Ones!
We are the Revolution the World and our children need. 

When you enter your golden state of being, you automatically change everything in and around you. Your dna gets activated and more of you comes ‘online’ within. By being committed to your Gi, you automatically connect to your flowing lifeforce, your ultimate cosmic plan for this life, timeline and beyond. The Heart of Gi is a multidimensional roadmap for you and therefor HUmanity. A so called "Cosmic Home Encoding". In the Heart of Gi we will present a cosmic roadmap step by step for (y)our golden growth. A roadmap with programs, personal attention, energywork, wombwork, meditations and online modules. Within timing divine, this all will be online. 
We are rising into a completely new Goldprint. Will you? 
~ Let's get Activated ~ 
~ Let's Ramember ~
Cosmic Love,
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