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Goldprint Gratitude

Find here references of the Beautiful Hearts I've been working with in Goldprint Inbodiment Processes. 



Goldprint & Solar Womb Initiate Carmen Sitadez 

 "My journey of spiritual and personal growth began six years ago during a beautiful ayahuasca ceremony with Charlotte. One year later I decided to do another ceremony, followed by three womb sessions. She taught me to work with these techniques myself and I received a Goldprint Code for both my arms which gave me so much more balance, strength and wings to fly. In this moment another Goldprint awaits to get tattooed on my higher heart. I can’t describe in words what Charlotte, my beautiful soulsister, meant for me during this process of healing and spiritual/personal growth. She assisted me in becoming a stronger independent woman, to face and feel all my fears and lessons. And above all, she’s always there for me".




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