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About Charlotte Ah'LihYah

Hello Beautiful, 
Let me tell a little about myself, it's nice to get to know each other! I am born on the 1st of June 1987 in Maasland, a little village in the Netherlands. I am still residing in the Netherlands, but also lived in Glastonbury (United Kingdom) for two years (2019 and 2020), which was incredibly transformational! If you ever have the opportunity to live / be on such a powerful grid, please follow your Heart!! 
I was employed as an HR Manager, Casemanager / Counselor untill 2017. In this role I created the opportunity to observe myself and humanity's heart, body, mind, soul, health and behaviour in multiple ways. Besides this work in society, I started my own spiritual awakening inscension path since the age of 18. Since then I followed many courses and studies regarding energetic healing, angelic therapy, crystal therapy, meditation, reikimaster and shamanism. In 2014 I connected with shamanic plantmedicines on a personal level, which resulted in deep shamanic ceremonial work as an plantmedicine facilitator (followed a two year training). This ceremonial work, including two Heart Tattoo Initiations (from Ahnéyah Yahrin of the Garden of Arai'na) awoken my Multidimensional Heart. But I knew there had to be more. 
After these deep initiations I built the strength for the life changes I always knew I had to make: quit my job, sell my house and let my Heart guide me. I quit my job end of 2017, sold my house in 2018 and went travelling through the United Kingdom ending up in Glastonbury. It felt I lived here for a lifetime. I had so many initiations from this Sacred Land which released so many distortions, ancestral energies and old timelines and I learned soooo much about my multidimensional selves. In this journey my Heart guided me to Base 12 Morphogenetic Physics, which was another deep initiational breakthrough in my consciousness and learning to see through many matrix illusions again... Learning more about our (dormant intron) dna and how everything is connected in ways our minds almost can not comprehend. My mind and heart expanded in ways I did not believe was possible. 
Step by step I integrated and inbodied higher layers of my multidimensional conscious identity. Now fully embracing and devoted to the Path of Inscension: committed to higher service to HUmanity. Creating a safe space to support every heart in their innerworld discovery, dna activation and multidimensional inbodiment. Supporting you to live in a balanced state of all the bodies physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Deeply inspired to spread the seeds of knowing that your own dna consists the keys to Freedom, Connection and Wealth. I AM determined to activate as many Wombs & Hearts into their Eternal State of Love. 
I AM here to support you to Activate, Remember and INbody the Multidimensional layers of your Higher Conscious Identity. Sometimes it's handy to define the work we're doing on this Planet, but actually I can't because I do so many things. But for now the following self made up names resonate: Goldprint (he)Artist and Activator, Cosmic Medicine Woman, Solar Womb Sourceress. 
Cosmic Love,
Charlotte Ah'LihYah
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