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Hello Beautiful, 

Good to Feel you and I'm Grateful you are Here! 
You are Welcomed in my Eternal Portal to 
Activate, Remember, Balance, Inscend,
Discover and Feel All that you are
to inbody your Essential Nature. 
I am looking forward
to get to know You! 
Cosmic Love,
Charlotte Aliyah


What do you wish to change in your Life right now? Try my Inscension Energetics! 

My sessions are focussed on your personal Inscension Process and bring Balance to all aspects of your Life. For you to Activate, Remember and Discover your (Multidimensional) Self. I work with Dimensional 12 and higher Source Energy, connected to the Sun and Earth's Core. Healing will be a normal byproduct of working with these energies. 

~ Feel ~

Goldprint Activation

Yay, I'm happy with the steps you made so far that brought you here: we share a deeper resonance! Entering this page, means you have a Heart desire to activate deeper layers within. To beautify your InnerWorlds and with that the World around you.
I'm ready to activate your dormant intron dna with my Goldprint Designs. 

~ Remember ~

Truth Programs

 I am Devoted to Live in Truth! If you are too, please let me introduce you to my Truth Programs where I will share all my illusion breaking and truthful discoveries so far. 

♥ Become a Solar Womb Sourceress and Create your Eternal Queendom ♥ 

» Online in Timing Divine «

♥ Boost your Soul ~ Holistisch Basis Programma om dieper met jezelf te verbinden en alles om je heen ♥

» Online in Timing Divine in samenwerking met Rosanne van Zalingen «


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Charlotte Aliyah
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