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Energetic Vaccine Clearing Session (EVC)

Since our plandemic and the vac.cination we see a lot of people reporting sudden symptoms and side effects regarding their health on all levels after taking the vax. When we are not conscious enough (yet) to controle our "cell health" (which is a masterlevel of consciousness) it can cause a lot of physical issues and a feeling of being cut off from Source. It can even change your dna overtime (if you took the mrna vax). If you are one of these persons or you know someone who suddenly had symptons and side effects after taking the vax, please let them know this session clears the energetic debris regarding the vax. 
What can the vax do to our energetic health and system? 
♦ Creates miasmas and mucus in the brain and takes away clarity. Miasma and mucus are heavy dense energies blocking your meridians and nadi's from flowing and receiving your light and lifeforce. 
♦ Blocks your shakarah's (chakra's) and especially your throat,
which creates you not being able to acces your truth. 
♦ Your higher layers of self are not able to fully connect to your physical body,
which creates you feeling cut off from Source. This feeling will get worse along time, making you forget and stay in the slumber of the matrix. 
What kind of physical symptoms can this give you?
♦ Headaches 
♦ Skin rashes 
♦ Menstrual irregularities 
♦ Heart palpitations and lung issues 
♦ Gives Aids like symptoms (vaids) and attacks your white bloodcells 
♦ And so much more... 
What will we do in this EVC session? 
We'll start with a video or normal call to get to know each other. Then you can get cosy and comfortable in your room. You can stay in a meditative state for at least one hour if possible. I'll email you when the session is done and I will attach an audio with advice and information about what came up in your field to be released.
In this session we will: 
♦ Boost your Hara (Life Energy Line) 
♦ Clear cloud and mucus in all your shakarah's (chakra's) and different energylayers.
♦ Restructure your shakarahs and bring them back in a healthy state and spin.
♦ Be working with different types of light for purging remnants and for cleansing, clearing, purifying, transforming and restoring your energy.


Single EVC Session ~ 75 min
OR Book your Free Choice Package for deeper guidance!
3 Sessions of your choice + personalized crystal necklace 
€699,- ex. shipping costs 

These EVC session will only be done remotely / on distance! 
After you contacted her, she will email you with open times. Once you confirmed your day and time, you will receive a payment link (direct payment for the Netherlands, paypal for international).
Charlotte will only continu if the payment is done before the start of the session. 


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