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Solar Womb Session

We all carry (unhealed) energy/experiences from our ancestors within our dna, until we consciously choose to transform this. All women store their (traumatic) emotions and experiences in their womb. If we do not heal these, it can lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort, illness and blockages. In regular therapy we call this 'hereditary'. A phoetus grows in the womb where these painful and ancestral energies are still active. And so we carry these energies in our cells for centuries. Are you willing to release, discover and integrate your 'Sacral Power'? 


This session is recommended to everyone! And for you if you...

♦ Want to heal any discomfort in your sacral area, heart or throat. 
♦ Simply want to clear, clean and upgrade yourself. 
♦ Experienced abuse of any kind. 
♦ Had heavy childbirths. 
♦ Just ended a relationship. 
♦  Want to reclaim your power. 
♦ Your kundalini / sexual energy is low. 
♦  Are not able to express yourself a 100%. 
♦ Want and need to sharpen your boundaries. 
♦ Wish to experience more balance, alignment and energy in your life. 
This Sacral Solar Womb Healing Session is a combination of deep Alchemistic Energywork, combined with an upgraded version of the Rite of the Womb. We will reconnect your womb back to the Earth and Sun for a stable multidimensional connection (thus not with the moon). Even men can receive this session because we are all born from a womb and carry unhealed ancestral trauma over multiple lives and timelines. 

This powerful Solar Womb Session... 

♦ Feels like a fresh restart, a new beginning, a 'new' and deeper connection with your sacredness. 
♦ Heals painful experiences in your sacral shakarah / womb and your ancestral lineage. 
♦ Makes you feel more complete and lets your creative power flow as it should. 
♦ Awakens and boosts your LifeForce (kundalini) and brings in more Quanta.
♦ Reconnects your throat, yoni and womb for Full Expression in Clarity. 
♦ Creates a deeper connection with your intuition, needs and wishes. 
♦ Activates and integrates Eternal Divine Feminine Codes. 
♦ Remembers your 'Cosmic Sensuality & Sexuality'.
♦ Balances the Feminine and Masculine energies. 
♦ Brings you deeper IN your body, 
♦ Is incredibly grounding! 

And so much more that can only be experienced!!  



+/- 2,5 hour Session (Online or in person)
OR book your Free Choice Package for deeper guidance:
3 sessions of your choice + 1 personalized Crystal Necklace
€700,- inclusive shippingcosts in NL (abroad shipping will be added)
>> Package is really recommended after heavy births, relationship endings, abuse and deeper ancestral trauma <<

Book your session through contactform on homepage


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