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Listen with*in Silence

Lemurian (h)Ear Activation


As a result from our past experiences, the connection with our Heart and Inner Voice can get fragmented, or is not yet fully clear, and as activated and awakened as it can be. Our heart and ears tell us everything we need to know, we only need to listen. Our ears are our receivers, spinning energy wheels and filters. What DO you or DON'T you want to hear? Do you listen to yourself, your heart, your feelings? With this unique activation your ear chakra's, heart, higher heart and throat chakra will be cleared and activated on a deeper level. Charlotte alchemizes and anchores a golden high frequency field in your luminous field, which balances your hearing and opens you up to your multidimensional self. Step by step you'll learn to listen deeper and deeper and discover your own Truth. 
The Lemuran (h)Ear Activation... 
  • Cleanses and aligns the ear chakra's and connected meridians. 
  • Cleanses, balances and aligns the clairaudient channel. 
  • Brings in 5d templates and activates your 5th (&higher) dimensional Lemurian Lightbody.
  • Releases and clears distortions in your beliefsystem, caused by negative statements & affirmations spoken to you (by yourself or by others). 
  • Brings a deeper understanding of "everything you think and say creates your reality". 
  • Connects your Heart with the Heart of Lemuria.
  • Activates and Remembers Lemuria’s Golden Age Wisdoms for u to integrate, use Now and in the upcoming New Golden Age.  
  • Creates more trust in general and the choices you make become clearer (because your inner voice becomes clearer in time).
  • Restructures & cleanses your throat chakra of stored pain and connects your heart, third eye, crown and ear chakra's on a completely new level. 
  • Activates the Zeal Chakra ~ The Mouth of God (on the back of the head). 
  • Releases karmic patterns.
And much more that can only be experienced...
This activation is a unique combination of deep alchemization of all the bodies, chakra- and aurahealing, includes spoken LightLanguage and energywork with Lemurian Crystals and involves the Lemurian Council of Light. 


£130 / €144
Crystal Necklace + £50 / €55
Or choose a package with deeper guidance

Crystal Necklace info 

For the Lemurian sessions Charlotte uses Lemurian Seeds or Lemurian Root (CodeKeepers of Freedom) Crystals. This crystals will be used during the session and knotted into a necklace with a colour cord of your choosing. These specific crystals contain an immense and huge amount of information about the Golden Age of Lemuria which will be activated during the session. Because the crystal is used during the session, it is loaded and activated with your personal energy codes and seeds of light. Therefore it provides very specific support for your path and is a very valuable addition to all these sessions. The necklace keeps on ‘feeding’ the layers within you that have been activated during the session. It helps you remember undiscovered layers and dimensions of consciousness in all directions of time & space. Thes raw high frequented crystals help to restore and awaken ancient knowledge & wisdom within your heart deeply.