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Inscension Session

These unique sessions are aimed to assist you on your Path of Inscension/Ascension. These sessions bring Balance in all your Bodies; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Charlotte works with 12 dimensional and higher frequencies to release all distortions in the lower dimensional bodies. They remind you of your True Essence and raise your frequency, so you can live your Life in the Freedom you desire.
Every session is an unique High Frequency Transmission where we'll be working through your 12 dimensional template. This is very deep energywork whereby 'healing' is a byproduct.
Your intuitive abilities and connection to Source will be strengthened. Dormant dna will be activated to awaken your Divine Potential. Your mind will expand and break through illusions. 
An Inscension Session... 
♦ Illuminates and clears your 15 Shakarah's (chakra's).
♦ Clears entities and lower vibrational energies.
Heals and Boosts your Hara Lifeforce Line from breaks and imbalances.
♦ Releases old structures and brings in high multidimensional templates. 
♦ Stabilises and calms your mind and emotions (relieves stress and pain). 
♦ Creates more Abundance and Gratitude in your life, emotions and thoughts. 
♦ Balances your masculine & feminine energies and unifies shadow patterns.
♦ Balances, activates and cleanses your complete energysystem and meridians. 
♦ Reprograms emotional & mental beliefs and patterns in all layers, dimensions and realities. 
♦ Gives deeper Clarity and Focus and releases all that no longer serves you; e.g. karmic patterns, etc.
♦ Alchemises you with your highest timelines and reminds you of your Multidimensional Heart in all aspects.
Depending on the time and what surfaces in your hologram to work on... We will also check your: 
♦ Protection body incl. implants 
♦ ElectroMagnetic Body 
♦ Manifestation Body 
♦ Harmonic Universes 


Energy Boost 60 min (Remote only)
Includes a videocall before we start and a recorded transmission audio send by mail. 
Single Session 2hr/15 min (Remote or in person)
Includes a videocall before and after, written notes and a recorded transmission audio. 
OR book your Package for deeper guidance:
3x Remote Boost Session Package for €400,- 
3x Sessions Free Choice Package €700,- 
Packages are inclusive a personalized crystal necklace
(inclusive shippingcosts in NL /abroad shipping will be added)
Crystal will be used during the sessions so it's charged with all the energies and downloads.


Book your session through contactform on homepage

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