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Inscend in your True Self

Inscension Session

Charlotte's unique sessions are aimed to assist you on your Path of Inscension/Ascension. These sessions are focussed on your personal Inscension Process and bring Balance to all aspects of your Life, and in all of your Bodies; i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They remind you of your True Essence, and raise your frequency accordingly, so you can live your Life in the Freedom you desire; in surrender to your Heart, the Universe and the New Earth. 
An Incension Session... 
  • Balances, activates and cleanses your complete energysystem and meridians and raises your frequency into your 'Golden State' of Being. 
  • Opens and illuminates your 15 shakarahs (chakra's), releases old (3d) structures and brings in new multidimensional templates. 
  • Stabilizes and calms your mind and emotions (relieves stress and pain). 
  • Reprograms beliefs and structures in all ways, dimensions and realities. 
  • Gives a deeper Clarity and Focus and releases all that no longer serves you; e.g. karmic patterns, etc.
  • Balances your masculine & feminine energies, unifies shadow patterns with the Light of Oneness.
  • Awakens and boosts your LifeForce / Quanta.
  • Creates more abundance in your life, emotions and thoughts.
  • Alchemises you with your highest timelines and reminds you of your Multidimensional Heart in all aspects of your Being.
  • 'Simply' brings through a deeper and higher frequency to expand your consciousness in that moment in time.
  • And much more that can only be experienced... 

Every session is a unique High Frequency Transmission and results in deep energywork where 'healing' is the byproduct. It will be adjusted according to your needs and wishes in that moment. Your intuitive abilities and your connection with Source will be strengthened. Dormant DNA will be activated to awaken your full potential so that you can live according to your blueprint. This is a step by step process which will eventually, when your frequency is stabilised in the Higher Dimensions, alchemize into your Luminous Goldprint. 




Energy Boost 60 min (only remote)
Single Session 90 min 
+ Crystal Necklace €55 
SoulBath 120 min 
(includes crystal necklace and a cardreading)

Or choose a package with deeper guidance