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Remember the Language of your Heart

About Charlotte

"Remember your Heart. It doesn't speak words, but Frequency"
I AM here to support you to Remember and Embody your Golden Heart towards the New Paradigm, the New Golden Diamond Age. 
I AM a Cosmic Medicine Woman, a Golden Heart Activator, dedicated to support HUmanity and Mother Earth on their Path of Inscension. 
I was employed as an HR Manager, Casemanager and Counselor untill 2017. In this role I created the opportunity to observe myrself and humanity's heart, body, mind, soul, health and behaviour in multiple ways. Besides this work in society, I started my own spiritual awakening inscension path since the age of 18 (born 1987). Since then I followed many courses and studies regarding energetic healing, angelic therapy, crystal therapy, meditation, reikimaster and shamanism. In 2014 I connected with the shamanic plantmedicine Ayahuasca on a personal level, which resulted in deep shamanic ceremonial work as an Ayahuasca Facilitator ~ Healer. This deep ceremonial shamanic work, including two Master Heart Tattoo Initiations (from AhnéYah Sophia of the Garden of Arai'na) awoken my Multidimensional Heart. 
I lived in Glastonbury (United Kingdom) HeartChakra of the World in 2019 and 2020. Step by step I integrated, inbodied and merged my higher multidimensional selves. Now fully embracing and devoted to the Path of Inscension: committed to Service to HUmanity. Creating a safe space to support every heart, to discover and inbody the Language of their Golden Heart: to live in a balanced state of all the bodies physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Deeply inspired to spread the seeds of Knowing that "the Heart is the Key to Love, Freedom and Unity". I am determined to activate as many hearts into their Golden State of BEing and assist in discovering their Inner Worlds.  
"Because living all your senses and inbodying your Purest Essence, is the most amazing gift your can ever give yourself (& the collective)". 
* Heart to Heart * | * Soul to Soul * | * I See You *
Charlotte Aliyah