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~ GoldPrint Logo for your SoulMission ~

SoulMission ~ Logo Design

Check my instagram for more (information about my) designs: @charlotte.aliyah 
Please see this service as an energetic (healing) transmission, an energysession which will open and activate you deeply. A personal SoulMission Logo Design is a special process. Our higherselves will bring through the code for your ‘HeartMission / Business’ to align you with your Mission/Business’s highest timelines. Even if you don’t know what your mission is yet, but you know you wanna make difference, create your own World and Live in fullest Freedom; this is a beautiful service.

A SoulMission/Logo Design…

- Opens/Activates/Remembers the multidimensional options for your SoulWork here on Earth.
- Creates a stable and safe container for you to explore the realms you wanna work/be active in.
- Attracts the clients/souls you wanna work with.
- Gives a continuous guidance from Source Consciousness Field so you will always stay on track.
- Aligns / connects you with the Golden Age / New Earth frequencies. 

What do you receive in this Service?

  • Videocall before we start the process.
  • Multidimensional Logo Design:
    • Original drawing on paper
    • Digitalised Logo inclusive different formats done by Rose Tara Gold (insta: @RTGoldCreative).
  • Discussmoments for change after the first digital draft.
  • Audio with code explanation.
  • Audio with a personally channeled SoundLanguage activation-prayer-meditation to integrate and embody the energies.
  • Energetic Embodiment Advice.
  • Videocall when code is designed. 

--> Extend your Design with a personalised crystal necklace made by me for deeper integration. The crystal will be used during the drawing process so it will be activated with the energy and codes that are coming through.




Exclusive shippingcost for original drawing. 

--> Expand your package with a personalized crystal necklace for €55,-.
The crystal will be used during the designing process, so will be charged & activated with all the energies coming through during designing.

If you feel a Yes in your heart, please contact me through button below! Then we'll plan a videocall to align our hearts and get to know each other. 



Necklace info

Charlotte chooses a crystal that is especially aligned to your Heart & energetic frequency so it fits your Ascension Path. This crystal will be used during the drawing session and knotted into a necklace with a colour cord of your choosing. Because it is used during the session, the crystal is loaded and activated with your personal energy codes and seeds of light. Therefore it provides very specific support for your path and is a very valuable addition to all of my sessions. The necklace keeps on ‘feeding’ the layers within you that have been activated during the session. It activates undiscovered layers and dimensions of consciousness in all directions of time & space. I mainly work with Lemurian and raw high frequented crystals to restore and awaken ancient knowledge & wisdom within the heart.

Much Love, Bliss and Happiness from my Heart to yours!