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Goldprint Tattoo Design

Our energyfields consists out of layers with patterns we mostly call "Sacred Geometry". In and between these energylayers we find sigils and symbols. Layer upon layer, these patterns, dots and symbols form Codes. Codes which lay dormand in our system, waiting to be consciously activated so you can remember and fully inbody your life's purpose and authenticity. Before our incarnation we've chosen to lay these codes dormant to have a fuller experience behind the veils of Earthy perception. I can see and channel these codes, for you to remember your heart in deeper layers. For you to channel more Love into yourself for your personal development and life balance. All our finite (light)bodies can contain distortions and therefor we develop illnesses and are not able to inscend to deeper and higher frequencies. I can find and read these distortions in the geometry of your energyfields. These distortions can be released if you consciously choose to activate your Goldprint. 

Choosing to activate your Goldprint is not 'just a process'. It will guide you towards your deepest intentions and live your life in harmony, abundance and gratitude. Therefor a process of clearing, cleaning, aligning, attuning, healing, activation and alchemization will start after your heart chooses to inbody layers of your GoldPrint. This Service is a deep Alchemistic Activational Process: an EnergyMedicine which will open and activate you deeply. It aligns you with your Dimensional 12 Avatar frequencies, restructures your geometry, remembers your Heart and aligns you with your highest timelines. These are not 'just beautiful' designs. It's an Activational Code designed by Charlotte, created by your own higher identities of self! This service will align you with your Heart's mission, activates dormant dna and brings through multidimensional energies for you to remember and integrate. These codes are timeless and keep 'feeding and teaching' you in every layer, dimension and reality of the Now. My designs are based on Morphogenetic Physics and always give a backflow to Source. 

What happens when you would love to start this process? 

We start with a videocall to get to know each other and align our hearts. Then we know if it is a "FULL YES" for both of us. The session before I start the goldprint process will clear and clean your energyfield for you and me to receive deeper activation, information and clarity. For women we will always do a Solar Womb Session. When the energy of the session is settled, your energyfield is cleaner for me to work with. This is the reason why I offer this service in package form if you have not worked with me before. I want your energyfield to be cleared from lower vibrations before we start and especially from your (cosmic) womb. It can take up to 4-6 weeks after the session before I start to receive insights about your Goldprint. I will dream about your code or wake up knowing that this is the day! Till that time I 'carry' you in my energyfield and there will be an energetic exchange/cord till the code process is done. 
When the designing process starts I align myself with the highest 12-15 dimensional energies available in that moment. I will light a candle, meditate, build a grid with my crystals and codes and the crystal I'll be using for you. Your crystal will be charged with all the energies and downloads that will come through during designing. I'll be knotting this into a necklace so this will be your personal talisman! The designing process can take up 4 to 8 hours, depending on where the code will come on your body (if you wish to have it tattooed). 

What do you receive in this Service?

♦ Multidimensional (Tattoo) Code Drawing. 
♦ 1 session of your choice (2 hours).
♦ 1 personalized Crystal Necklace.
♦ Energetic inbodiment advice.
♦ Audio with code explanation. 
♦ Audio with a Soundlanguage activation-prayer-meditation for key integration and inbodiment. 
♦ Videocall when design is done with process explanation. 
♦ Tattoo Artists recommendations for ceremonial tattooing, which is important for this work... 
♦ All the above inclusive a 1 on 1 personal Immersion Medicine Ceremony for deeper integration.
Choose your medicine: 4hr Kakau + ChocoBliss (psilocybin), Ayahuasca DayCeremony. 
♦ Extra written reading from my dear friend Ayintah Hu, who can perceive my designs with an exceptional vision > Truly Recommended! + €55 


This service only comes in package form if you have not worked with me before!
Goldprint Package:
Goldprint Medicine:
4hr Kakau + ChocoBliss  €1.111,- 
Ayahuasca DayCeremony €1.333,- 
If you have worked with me before:
Designs start at  €400,- 
We will always feel into if a clearing session is needed before we start.  
(Services are exclusive shippingcosts of design & necklace)

If you feel a Yes in your Heart, please contact me through the link below. We can plan a videocall when I received your contactinfo to align our hearts and get to know each other. In the videocall we talk about your personal development, what you would love to get activated within, and for which bodypart you wish to receive your code.

You can check my instagram for more designs here: @charlotte.aliyah

Please contact Charlotte through contactform

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