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~ Activate your GoldPrint ~

Personalised GoldPrint Design

Check my instagram for more (information about my) designs: @charlotte.aliyah

This Service is a deep Alchemistic Activational Process: an EnergyMedicine which will open and activate you deeply. It aligns you with the Base 12 Eternal Life frequencies, restructurizes your geometry, remembers your Heart on deep layers and aligns you with your highest timelines. These are not 'just beautiful' designs. It's an activational GoldPrint Code designed by Charlotte, created by your own identities of self! This service will align you with your Heart's mission, activates dormand dna and brings through multidimensional energies for you to remember and inbody. This is not 'just a process', it will guide you towards your deepest intentions and live your life in harmony, abundance and grace. Therefor a process of clearing, cleaning, aligning, attuning and activating will start after your heart chooses to inbody your GoldPrint.  

What do you receive in this Service?

  • 1 videocall with Charlotte before we start the process.
  • Multidimensional (Tattoo) Code Drawing.
  • Audio with code explanation. 
  • Audio with a personally spoken HeartLanguage (sound) activation-prayer-meditation to integrate and embody the energies.
  • Energetic Inbodiment Advice.

--> Extend your Design with a personalised crystal necklace made by me!


This service only comes in package form if you have not worked with me before!
The 2 inscension sessions will clear and clean your energyfield for you and me to receive deeper activation, information and clarity for your goldprint inbodiment. 
Design Package:  €895
~ 1 Goldprint Design any size
~ 2 Inscension Sessions 
~ 1 personalised Crystal Necklace
~ Extra Code reading from my dear friend Ayintah Hu. 
If you have worked with me before, designs start at €350,-

If you feel a Yes in your Heart, please contact me through the link below. We can plan a videocall when I received your contactinfo to align our hearts and get to know each other. In the videocall we talk about your personal development, what you would love to get activated in yourself, and for which bodypart you wish to receive your code.



Our energyfield consists out of layers with patterns that are referred to the "Tube Torus" and we mostly call "Sacred Geometry". In and between these energylayers we find sigils and symbols. Layer upon layer, these patterns and symbols form Codes. Codes which lay dormand in your system, waiting to be consciously activated so you can remember and fully embody your soulpurpose and authenticity. Before our incarnation we've chosen to lay these codes dormant to have a fuller experience behind the veils of Earthy perception. Charlotte can see and channel these codes, for you to remember your heart in deeper layers, to channel more Love into yourself for your personal development and Life Balance on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The codes are timeless and keep 'teaching and feeding' Hu in every layer, dimension and reality of the Now. It truly is a personal multidimensional tool, channeled from and by your heart and higher identity to assist you in your Path of Inscension and personal development. 


Necklace info:

Charlotte chooses a crystal that is especially aligned to your Heart & energetic frequency so it fits your Inscension Path. This crystal will be used during the drawing session and knotted into a necklace with a colour cord of your choosing. Because it is used during the session, the crystal is loaded and activated with your personal energy codes and seeds of light. Therefore it provides very specific support for your path and is a very valuable addition to all of my sessions. The necklace keeps on ‘feeding’ the layers within you that have been activated during the session. It activates undiscovered layers and dimensions of consciousness in all directions of time & space. I mainly work with Lemurian and raw high frequented crystals to restore and awaken ancient knowledge & wisdom within the heart.

Much Love, Bliss and Happiness from my Heart to yours!