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Core Key Activation

We all hold certain keys in our dna waiting to be activated: our intron dna/ inactive dna. A Core Key Activation is a code that communicates and unlocks certain core templates in your DNA / consciousness for you to work with. You’ll receive a code which is not specifically designed to be tattooed, but you can if you wish. This is a detailed code for you to use in meditation, ceremonies, gridwork with crystals wherever you wish. It is a multidimensional layered code which you will discover in time. By working with codes like this you will remember and accrete multi-dimensional layers of your identity. A code like comes from the deepest layers of your heart. 


  • Works with the Core of the Sun & Earth
  • Is connected with the Core Domains of Existence
  • Works with your Heart’s Core
  • Activates layers in your crown
  • Strengthens your Core to always be reminded of your balance.
And much more to be discovered by you…

You will receive:

  • A videocall before we start the designing process to get to know each other better.
  • A hand drawn A4 Core Key Activation on paper.
  • An audio with a spoken SoundLanguage activation.
  • A short note with messages received during designing.
  • Information how to work with your Code and how to integrate the energies.



--> Expand your design with a personalised crystal necklace for €55,-. 

Contact Charlotte for your Core Key Design here