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~ Activate your GoldPrint ~

Goldprint (Tattoo) Design

~ Bring your Magic into Reality ~

Our energyfield consists out of layers with patterns that are referred to the "Tube Torus" and we mostly call "Sacred Geometry". In and between these energylayers we find sigils and symbols. Layer upon layer, these patterns and symbols form Codes. Codes which lay dormand in your system, waiting to be consciously activated so you can remember and fully embody your soulpurpose and authenticity. Before our incarnation we've chosen to lay these codes dormant to have a fuller experience behind the veils of Earthy perception. Charlotte can see and channel these codes, for you to remember your heart in deeper layers, to channel more Love into yourself for your personal development and Life Balance on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The codes are timeless and keep 'teaching and feeding' Hu in every layer, dimension and reality of the Now. It truly is a personal multidimensional tool, channeled from and by your heart and higherself to assist you in your Path of Inscension and personal development.

I woud love to get to know you better and Design & Activatie your Goldprint! 


In Service to the Heart, 


Charlotte Aliyah